The Ultimate Business Finance Checklist

You have bills to pay, and the IRS has deadlines - let’s make sure you can do both.

A lot of times, freelancers are new to being business owners, and don't know what they don't know.


And that's okay!

  • How do you make sure your freelance income is there to pay your bills on time?
  • When do you start filing quarterly taxes?
  • What kind of regular maintenance do you need to do on your business accounts?

It's all stuff that's way too easy to put off until the last minute.


And if there's one thing I know, it's that you don't mess around when it comes to your business finances, and you definitely don't mess around when it comes to taxes.


This checklist is for freelancers new and seasoned, and will help you stay on top of EVERYTHING, from tax prep, to account maintenance, to making sure you pay yourself on time.


After all, you’re freelancing for financial freedom.


Let me show you how to take control, so you’re never a slave to delinquent taxes or overdue invoices again.


It’s time to worry less about money, so you can enjoy the freedom you’re building your business on.


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